Last Updated on 9/9/2016

President's Letter from Monica Shoults

Greetings Larson Elementary Supporters! I am Ann Liu and I am the President of the Larson Elementary PTA for the 2019 / 2020 school year. First, let me extend a welcome back to our Larson families and a big welcome to our new Larson families! We are so excited to have you as part of our Larson PTA.

Larson has a rich tradition of partnership between the administration, faculty and families. Through that partnership, we have accomplished many special projects and improvements for our student's education. 

Our PTA is a part of a coalition of Arlington PTAs, Texas PTA and the National PTA organization.

Larson PTA
is a member of the
Arlington Council of PTAs
which is a member of
Area 18 Council of PTAs
which is a member of
Texas PTA
who reports to
National PTA

We are a very small part of a much bigger picture. This is even more evident when you think about the fact that Texas PTA has a member base of over half a million people in Texas alone! That is a huge number of people who have come together to provide a voice for our children and for the quality of education in Texas. Our Texas PTA board members are connected in Austin and they frequently testify on key issues affecting our public school system before state government entities. Our local units are governed by strict by-laws and standing rules because it is necessary that we are all on the same page and because we are more effective when we are all organized and bound by the same set of rules that guide us to our common goal.

To tap these resources, I will attend a monthly meeting of the Arlington Council of PTAs. These meetings allow our PTA to interact with the other AISD PTAs as well as get information from AISD.

Larson parents, guardians and supporters, we urge you to get connected, and stay on top of the issues which impact our kids, and the quality of education in Texas. We are better, stronger and more effective when we are united, 600,000 members-strong! Here is an excerpt from an article that appeared in the Fall 2012 issue of "The Voice," the Texas PTA Newsletter. This paragraph pretty much sums it up!

I’m not talking about a loosely organized group of parents who want to offer some kind of irregular assistance or involvement. I’m talking about The Parent Teacher Association, an organized, affiliated organization that has a clear mission to support schools; bylaws that guide members; an organization that can effectively serve as a partner to schools across the state and nation, that can be a loud and coherent advocate for public schools in the community and the state legislatures. An organization that develops parent leaders through coherent training that assists them in becoming effective organizational leaders and school-leader partners. While I applaud any parent or group of parents that wants to be a positive supporter of schools, no unaffiliated group can do what a PTA can.

Dr. Stephen F. Waddell, Superintendent of Schools, Lewisville ISD

Let's have a great 201-20 school year at Larson Elementary.

Ann Liu
President, Larson PTA