Updated 03/18/13

Larson PTA Directory

The directory gets its information from one or both of two sources:
  • (1) The PTA submits a records request to AISD for Larson student addresses (released with parent permission); and/or

  • (2) A directory form that you complete. All Parents and Guardians are encouraged to submit the following online form if you wish to have your student(s) listed in the directory.
  • Click Here to Access Form to Fill Out and Submit Online
  • Click Here to View PDF Flyer About the Directory and E-tales
  • Your child's name, parent names, class, address, and phone number will be in the directory if you have given AISD permission to release that information for purposes of a school directory. This year, we would like to include parent email addresses, which can be obtained only through the Larson PTA directory form. So, if you want your email address included in the directory, please complete a directory form!

    The Larson PTA publishes a directory in the fall of each year. The only way to get a Larson directory is to join Larson PTA. The directory lists PTA Officers, Committee Chairpersons, Program/Event Coordinators, and School Administration, Faculty, and Staff. All students names, addresses and phone numbers are listed in the directory, unless the student's parent submits an AISD form indicating otherwise.

    Robin Lee is the Larson PTA Directory Coordinator. Watch for your student bringing home the 2012-13 Directory.