Updated 08/16/12

Contact the Larson PTA

Contact the Larson Elementary PTA by Email for any reason.
  • you have membership question(s)
  • you want to volunteer
  • you need to know about a program or event
  • you need some help
  • you have a question or problem with this web site
  • you need information from the PTA
  • Emails to the Larson Elementary PTA sent via the email icon link or address below will be forwarded to the appropriate PTA officer(s) for response. Please recognize that this forwarding to the correct individual may cause a delay in response time. Click the email icon below or copy & paste the email address into your email program.

    larsonpta @ gmail.com

    Note:    It is recommended that you add the email address larsonpta @ gmail.com to your email address book. Thus, if your email program is set to receive from only "known to you" addresses, you will receive responses from this site instead of the response email being directed to a spam or junk folder.